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AUVSI XPONENTIAL 2021: Call for Presentations - Late Submissions

XPONENTIAL 2021 Theme: Assured Autonomy

LATE SUBMISSIONS are now being accepted!

Like any technology, unmanned and autonomous systems must prove themselves to be safe and practical options, able to repeatedly perform the operations they are designed for before they can be seamlessly integrated into society at scale. That's Assured Autonomy.

Otherwise we risk undermining the creativity of innovators who are working every day to develop this disruptive technology by introducing new solutions into an unprepared market of enterprise customers and consumers.

As demonstrated over the last several months as the COVID-19 pandemic has gripped the world, unmanned systems are proving the tremendous benefits for society. Performing key functions ranging from delivering vital medications while social distancing to effectively and safely cleaning areas populated by large groups. But if society does not trust the technology, its benefits will go unnoticed. Built into the fabric of that trust is the fact this technology must be robust, secure and resilient at all levels.

With this in mind, we are seeking your expertise for next year’s program. Share your knowledge and unique perspective on how to address the critical issues that our industry is currently facing and provide insights and solutions on how to overcome these hurdles to help safely push the industry forward.

Our industry will only go as far as you will take it, so lend your vision and help assure autonomy to shape the future.


See a preview of the submission form here.